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VtmR Etrius Speaks.

I die but you'll hear Etrius Speak more clearly (louder).

2010-04-26 09:34 1,041 YouTube

the kindred-knights skins on vtmr

shows all the kindred-knights in our group this is my first video so cut me some slack ^^ i hope to make more like it latter when i have time enjoy anyway.

2008-05-25 04:56 156 YouTube

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption - GameRip Soundtrack

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption - Gamerip Soundtrack (0:00:00) 01.Redemption_Theme (0:02:02) 02.Christof_Theme (0:03:48) 03.Anezka_Theme ...

2014-08-22 21:37 81,790 YouTube

Vỡ Tan Mất Rồi...! #VTMR

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2018-12-09 04:13 40,452 YouTube

Vampire the Masquerade:Redemption- Good Ending MovieMajor captured all three possible endings to VTM Redemption, this is the good ending.

2007-02-21 01:40 118,930 YouTube