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Nathan Matthews - Making Contracts Smart, Secure and Functional with DAML and Scala

Making Contracts Smart, Secure and Functional with DAML and Scala In today's connected world APIs are everywhere. As more systems are connected the ...

2019-06-04 21:49 295 YouTube


2017-08-09 04:10 360 YouTube

GFT RFQ demonstration - On the Digital Asset Platform using DAML

In this new video, Richard Miller (Strategy Head - Disruptive Technology, GFT) demonstrates the very latest in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) through the ...

2018-06-20 07:32 643 YouTube

Damla - Xencer 2018 (Official Music Video)

Damla - Xencer 2018 (Official Music Video) Xencer 2018 Klip - Damla Yeni Klip Damla - Xəncər 2018 (Official Video) Дамла - Ханджар 2018 (Клип Хенджар) ...

2018-04-12 03:43 14,037,184 YouTube


2017-12-04 01:15 33 YouTube

My AMVs opening

Opening song for my AMVs. YouTube deleted it, so I uploaded here. I'm starting to hate YouTube... This is third video which YouTube deleted!!! Dailymotion delet...

2009-09-01 00:38 115 Dailymotion

May and Drew-Stop and talk awhile

this is another contestshipping video I made..hope you guys enjoy......

2007-02-07 03:40 195 Dailymotion

May and Drew-Could it be

here's another contestshipping video frome..hope you guys like it!!!!...

2007-01-21 02:51 374 Dailymotion

May and Drew-Beauty and the beast

ok, it doesn't mean that Drew is a beast..I just did this song because I like the song. and also there's bad news...sorry but I can't make contestshipping video...

2007-03-01 03:29 794 Dailymotion

May and Drew-At the beginning

well, here's one of my favorite songs....hope you guys like it!!!!...

2007-01-27 03:37 723 Dailymotion